Mirror XHEO Issue

If you did any OS update, especially Windows 10, it can create a false mirror of the license for some reason.

We’re not sure why Microsoft does this, but it’s easily fixable. Look for this folder (it’s hidden by default):

c:\ProgramData\XHEO INC\SharedLicenses\Mirror

If it exists, then delete that folder and then your license should work again.

Mac Address Issue

Problem: When registering the software, there’s an error: “The serial number could not be used to unlock the software. Please try again”. The details of that error show “Too many instances of the MAC Address component to generate a valid hash”.

Solution: Delete all unused network adapters from the system.

  • Open Start Menu
  • Type In: Device Manager (If on Windows 10, right click on Start and choose ‘Device Manager’)
  • Select Device Manager
  • Click the View menu from the top
  • Select Show Hidden Devices (Must be check before continuing)

  • Scroll down and expand Network Adapters
  • Right-Click the Network Adapter. Usually, the name should contain one of the below:
    • Microsoft 6to4 Adapter
    • Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
    • Microsoft xx Tunneling Adapter
    • TAP-Windows adapter
  • Select Uninstall

  • Click OK for the pop-up warning message.
  • Repeat and repeat for each of the unwanted duplicate adapters.
  • Close Device Manager when finished.

Every time a network adapter is uninstalled, you can check if the problem is solved by running ‘XHEO Profile Helper’ tool (http://xheo.com/download/profile-helper).

If the tool ruAnchorns and shows a code, it means the problem is solved. You can then try registering APS Software.

Lost Serial

You can look up the serial numbers for all of your products at any time by entering your e-mail into the form on this page:



If you need to also reset an activation for a serial, you can do it from the below page by entering your serial, and then re-register your product:



Remember, 1 license is good for activation on 2 systems. If you need additional activation for more systems, please let us know and you can add those at an additional charge.